Chimichurri with fresh coriander and parsley

Chimichurri… This is hands down the best sauce to have on our burgers. How do I make it? Its very simple.

You ll need

– coriander
– parsley
– garlic
– salt
– lemon juice
– olive oil (taste your oil before you use it, if too strong, use half olive oil and half grapeseed oil)
– a food processor

Wash and rinse your fresh herbs. Spin it dry in a salad spinner. Check for browned leaves. Next, squash it down into your food processor and pulse it. In a steady flow, pour enough oil on top while it is on the lowest speed. For a full load, before I pulsed it, I use about three quarters of a cup of oil. Put in one to three cloves of garlic, a few generous pinches of salt and the juice of one to two lemons. Voila! You ve made a delicious herb drizzle to go with your salad, wheat meat or anything you choose.


– kale + parsley
– basil + kale
– carrot tops + spinach

Possibilities are endless.

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